Everything you need to know
about the HAHS app

HAHS is a health app that combines education and on-demand virtual mental and physical healthcare services to support individuals throughout their active lifestyles—from high school students to Olympic athletes.

Increase your opportunities for peak performance, Empower and Protect Your Athletes, or offer Affordable Mental Healthcare for Your Community

One app, everything you need

Stress and pressure doesn’t have
fixed hours or narrow networks.

Health on your terms: access virtual healthcare and mental health support anytime, anywhere.

Confidence and peace of mind start from a foundation of knowledge.

Make informed decisions, understand early warning signs, and adopt elite performance strategies.

Know your body.
Own your health.

All inclusive pricing – The way modern healthcare should be

For less than the cost of a single urgent care visit you get a full year of coverage for you and your family. No surprises!

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